Final Day & Farewell Dinner

Another hot 35C Italian summer day, and our last full day of the tour.

Train into Verona – some passengers clearly overcome by the heat!
Market Square clock tower
Original city wall

The tour group was split based on personal choice with one group deciding to head into Verona by train for a last look around. Another decided the pool was a better option given the heat and some also walked to the local supermarket for final supplies.

Refreshing hotel pool retreat

Most spent some time by the pool regardless of their activities for a dip and a refreshing cool down.

At 6:45pm we took a 10 minute stroll around to a local San Bonifacio restaurant to enjoy our final night together.  Apart from a minor mishap for Eliza and Chloe, being bathed in apple cider when the wait staff accidentally spilt a carafe on them (!!), the evening was lovely.

A new choral group from Lebanon arrived around 8:30pm, unfortunately not long before we had finished dinner. A brief interaction and a quick song, Sesere, for them and we were off.

On arrival back at the hotel, we shared a special time of reflection, thank yous, tears and laughter sitting around the pool for what was a perfect conclusion on a superb balmy night to our tour.

The overarching theme from everyone was how incredibly privileged we all feel for being a part of the tour group. The music, leadership, experiences and friendships made will be etched in our memories and hearts for a lifetime.

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