Teenager on tour!

In true warm YAV style Jess was ‘officially’ welcomed to the choir as a teenager celebrating her 13th birthday on Friday 15 July in Verona. A lovely card and the traditional harmonious ‘happy birthday’ on the bus had Jess beaming. The bus had the mandatory streamers and balloons for the trip into Verona, with the Austrian addition of ‘Fredriche’ – a happy birthday springing wooden girl – which was embarrassingly attached above her seat by Mum!

Some FaceTime calls from home, a special gift from Morano and the bonus of having Mum on tour, made for a fabulous day. Jess’ purple ‘fam’ added to her celebrations sharing a lovely lunch in Verona. The festival choirs sang a beautiful harmonious version of happy birthday complete with a tiramisu and candle.

​A 13th birthday etched in Jess’ memory forever with a very special group of girls (and Jamie, of course!).

Happy 13th birthday Jess!

2 thoughts on “Teenager on tour!

  1. So glad you had a lovely 13th Birthday Jess. Very fitting celebration for the youngest chorister on tour! Much love from us all in Adelaide. xxx


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